About Us

Why we are different and more successful than most

As an athletic trainer Dr. Tancredi worked in two local hospitals, including the burn unit at Crozer and with the Philadelphia Eagles. He then went onto chiropractic school and later became an Active Release Technique Instructor, one of only 150 in the country and is also an ART Elite Provider. Dr. Tancredi was the first chiropractor ever formally hired by an NFL team. He now offers the best of chiropractic, and the best of sports medicine in one convenient location. His ultimate goal is to get rid of your pain, get you stronger and then release you from care. When you leave, you will be stronger and have what you need to help you stay healthy. If you need future care, it’s typically only for 1-2 treatments.

If you don’t respond, because “no doctor fixes everyone”, Dr. Tancredi will quickly refer you to the very best MD’s in the area. Over the years he has developed close relationships with great surgeons, sports medicine and pain control physicians. Typically they will see you that week or even that day!

Dr. Tancredi has had back surgery and multiple knee surgeries, so he truly understands your pain. Almost all patients are only treated once a week, because most do not have the time, money, or the real need to be seen more.


Tancredi Chiropractic & Rehab
940 E. Haverford Rd., Suite LL-3
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
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