Tancredi Chiropractic & Rehab offers the best of chiropractic, and the best of sports medicine in one convenient location

1. Comprehensive history and evaluation of your injury

Physical examination, consisting of:

  • Orthopedic tests
  • Strength tests
  • Neurological tests
  • Range of motion evaluation
  • Spinal and soft tissue palpation to identify areas of possible soft tissue adhesions and nerve entrapments


2. If we feel you are a candidate for our care, treatment options will be discussed, your questions answered in detail and a diagnosis provided.

  • Care will consist of any combination of chiropractic adjustments, active release technique, passive modalities such as heat, electrical muscle stimulation, massage and therapeutic exercise.
  • A treatment plan will be discussed and implemented on your first visit.

3. We typically recommend treatment once a week for approximately 2-4 weeks. In about two visits you will know if treatment is helping decrease your symptoms. 

  • If results are not seen in a timely manner, we will refer you to the best specialists in the area.