First Visit Expectations

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On your initial visit to Tancredi Chiropractic the doctor will take an extremely comprehensive history. Research has shown that 80% of a physician’s diagnosis comes from the history provided by the patient. However; first, the doctor has to listen to the patient’s answers. After the history the doctor will then perform a physical examination. This exam will consist of orthopedic testing, strength and neurologic tests, postural evaluation, core stability evaluation, range of motion tests, palpation of the injury site and an active release evaluation in order to locate possible adhesion sites and nerve entrapments. If the doctor feels you are a candidate for the care we provide; treatment options will be discussed. With Dr. Tancredi’s extensive sports medicine experience, aggressive care can begin immediately if the patient chooses to do so. In other cases, when time is not vital to participation; a more conservative approach can be taken. In either case; the patient’s opinion regarding treatment options will be greatly considered.

Treatment phases will then be discussed, and care implemented. The initial phase of care is pain control, followed by rehabilitation so you can then hopefully gain long term relief.

If you do not respond quickly; the average is 4-6 treatments, we will refer you to the area’s best specialists in their field. Treatment for the average patient, is typically recommended once a week for 2-4 weeks; more if you are in severe pain. You will then be weaned from care as you get stronger. After that patients are treated on an as needed basis.


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