• Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
  • Active Release Technique Instructor
  • Athletic Trainer
  • University of Pennsylvania chiropractic consultant
  • Philadelphia Flyers chiropractic consultant

Dr. Tancredi has served as a chiropractor and a certified athletic trainer for the Philadelphia Eagles (11 years) , the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies (3 years) and Villanova University (6 years) Over the last 20 years he has learned “what works” and implements the most effective combination of treatments available. He has been singled out as one of only one hundred and fifty Active Release Technique instructors in the world, since he has been utilizing that technique longer than anyone in the tri-state area. He received extensive clinical experience while working at Crozer Chester Medical Center’s physical therapy center and burn unit, Delaware County Memorial Hospital’s physical therapy unit, various professional and collegiate athletic training rooms, and other sports medicine facilities. This provides you, the patient, with the best possible care. Individual, hands on treatment and close supervision of your condition results in the best possible results. As a former wrestler whose career was ended by five knee surgeries and eventually back surgery, Dr. Tancredi can empathize with virtually every patient. Having those injuries treated by the standard “medical model” and later with a more “hands on” chiropractic manual therapy/active release technique and athletic training approach, means his treatment plans and methods incorporate the best that each has to offer. He is “in the trenches” with you on a daily basis and can get you on the field faster and stronger!