Marcus O’Sullivan
Marcus O’Sullivan , Villanova University, Head Track and Field Coach
Doctor Tancredi has been a great source of inspiration through is work and understanding of the human body. He is an excellent medical resource in keeping athletes healthy and at their best for elite performance.
Noted Accomplishments4x Olympian
One of four runners in history to run a sub-4 minute mile over 100 times in competition
Kirk Nowack
Kirk Nowack , Professional strongman competitor in the lightweight division (under 231 lb)
In 2007 I ruptured the quadriceps tendon and tore several muscles in my right leg; a massive injury requiring surgery. Normally it takes a full year to recover from a quad tendonrepair, but thanks to Dr. Tancredi I was back to full strength in just over six months. He maximized the rate of my recovery through careful yet aggressive rehab. Furthermore, he facilitated the initial diagnosis of the injury as well as the process of developing a treatment plan and selecting an appropriate surgeon. The care provided by Dr. Tancredi and his staff is second to none.
Noted AccomplishmentsOver 50 competitions and has held various national records, two of which are still standing after nearly 10 years
First runner-up at the national championship on five separate occasions
Todd Pollock
Todd Pollock , Ultramarathoner and Nike Test Team Runner
Dr. Mike,

Friday was my first ever appointment with you and it's definitely not going to be the last by far. I can't believe I waited all these years to finally get an 'adjustment'. I simply can't believe how much better my back feels. And just like you said, it's not going to be a 100% over night, but – it's pretty damn near it. I was in pain over the past 4 weeks with no end in sight, and just like that the pain is almost gone. What made me even a happier camper this weekend was the ART on my knee/IT. I tried running like you said. On Saturday I walk/ran about 4 miles. There was still pain, but I stopped when it was too much. Today however, no pain at all in my knee. None. Zip, zilch, zippo. Nothing while walking or going up and down steps. I was very tempted to go running, but instead I decided to stick to the stretching of the hip / IT as you told me and I did a couple miles on the bike. Like you said, since you did both ART and adjustment, we won't know what was the cause of the knee pain, but to be honest, I don't care. Both are healing.

Before Friday, I never liked going to doctors for basically anything, because (1) I hate admitting I need help and (2) I never really felt the doctors cared or understood why getting better as quickly as possible so I could run again was so important. But Friday, you not only made realize that though I try to keep in the best shape I can, we all get injured and we all need help to keep after our goals. Also, and most importantly, I never had a doctor actually educate and help me understand what was going on with an injury. For someone like your self who has helped a MVP World Series Pitcher (cool video by the way), I felt like you gave me the same attention and level of help as you would Cole. So thank you for that, I could not stop raving about you to my wife and running coach this weekend!

Thanks again, really appreciate it. Looking forward to coming back in Monday afternoon.

Bill Schultz
Bill Schultz , Ultra-marathoner and transcontinental runner
I have had such success with Dr. Tancredi and his staff that I have recommended him to other members of the Delco RRC, teachers I work with, and other members of the Rocky Run YMCA. They have always gotten me back on my feet.
Noted AccomplishmentsOver 100 marathons, 5 top 10 finishes, PR of 2:43:58
Over 70 ultra marathons
1989 winner Weston 6 Day Race, 6 Day Certified US Record – 475 miles – 1989
US Transcon Run – 95 days, 1990, Newport Beach, CA to Atlantic City, NJ
Gina Procaccio
Gina Procaccio , Villanova Women’s Track and Field Coach
Dr. Tancredi has been a tremendous asset to our program. I have brought athletes in to see him injured and they leave his office able to go for a run. He understands the importance of keeping the athletes on the playing field and does an amazing job time after time of making that happen throughout the year.
Noted Accomplishmentsformer world record holder
Ann McCloud Sneath
Ann McCloud Sneath
Whenever someone says they have "tried many different orthopods, PT’s and other therapies without results" I refer them to Mike Tancredi’s office.

As a nurse practitioner in women’s health, I have to be very careful about referring my patients to someone I trust. Mike Tancredi and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and get results!

Looking for the possibilities to educate and restore health are some of the many things that Mike does. He teaches patients why the problem exists and how to repair it both through ART chiropractic, PT, and exercises at home. Mike is reassuring and reminds patients that they will be "okay". After my own arthroscopy for a stretched ACL and torn meniscus, I did too much on a hike. I was extremely anxious about possible damage I might have done.

Mike said "no one goes on a straight line from surgery to complete recovery". Such sage words not only made me feel better, but put the healing process into real perspective.

All of his staff is stellar!

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