Tancredi Chiropractic & Rehab offers the best of chiropractic, and the best of sports medicine in one convenient location

Phase 1: Passive Modalities and Adjustments
  • These are used to help you through the 3 phases of care
  • 1st: pain control
  • 2nd: increase range of motion
  • 3rd: increase strength in order to maintain long term relief and care
  • Chiropractic adjustments (or spinal manipulations) are used to quickly decrease pain and increase range of motion, thus leading to an increase in strength and improved recovery time.
  • The use of passive modalities (heat, electrical muscle stimulation, massage, active release technique) can be extremely helpful when treating musculoskeletal injuries.
Phase 2: Therapeutic Exercise
  • This consists of the exercise program that we’ll teach you in order to maintain the relief you experience in care and to prevent pain from returning.
  • Most patients learn this program within 3-4 visits in the office. Patients are also given an at-home exercise program to help continue to build up
    strength and to continue their treatment plan.
Phase 3: Maintenance
  • While we do recommend “tune-up” adjustments, we do not recommend any type of regular scheduled care. The difference being is that a “tune-up” adjustment/treatment is something that you know you need. If we train you properly, you will know when you need us again. It could be next week; it could be years. There is no research to show any regularly scheduled adjustments will provide you with less care, especially if you are active and perform your home exercises.
  • If you are not sure if you need our care, simply call us and one of our doctors will talk to you that day to help determine if we can help you, or if you need to see another type of medical provider.